Fashion Tips on a Budget

Simply because you do not have a ton of zeros in your bank account balance this year, it does not mean you should forgo your desire to look fabulous whenever you go out! Some people have the impression that being fashionable means owning items of clothing that all cost a few hundred dollars each. But it is not true. We have a set of tips that will help you look and feel fashionable, even if you are on a shoestring budget. Here are some of those tips:

  1. Get Rid of Plastic Buttons on Your Clothes

If you found a great sweater, jacket or coat, but it has those unfortunate plastic buttons in a prominent position, you can easily get rid of them. Carefully sew off the plastic buttons and replace them with stylish buttons that look really upscale. These buttons are easily available for less than $5 for a set of three or four buttons. And in an instant, you have upgraded your sweater or jacket into something that looks a lot more expensive than it probably was!

  1. Simplicity is Key with Bags

When you do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on a designer bag, you may feel like overcompensating by getting something really unique and complex-looking. But it is a mistake. It is much better to buy an inexpensive bag that is really simple, as opposed to a cheap bag that has too much hardware. Those cheap bags are made with the right intent, but they end up looking cheap rather than minimalistic.

  1. Faux-Suede over Faux-Leather for Pumps

If you want nice heels to wear whenever you need to attend a formal event, but you do not want to spend $500 for the privilege, look to faux-suede pumps. They are much better looking than faux-leather pumps, and they will often last you longer.

  1. Get a Steamer

A garment steamer is going to cost you less than $50, and it will last for many years. It is also the perfect way to make sure all your clothes are wrinkle-free. The quickest way to make a piece of clothing look cheap is by wearing it when it is covered in unflattering wrinkles.

  1. Fabric Choices

Much like with shoes, choosing the right fabric for clothes can help you feel as if your outfit is more expensive than the reality. Fabrics such as tweed, linen and cotton look a lot pricier than they cost.