Japanese Chintai Fashion

Chic Japanese Fashion Trends

Japan has always been a step ahead of the fashion game thanks to its thriving street fashion that is known all over the world. They have the most unique and extreme sense in the fashion that it histrionically inspired fashion designers all over the world to follow suit and think challenge the norm. Some notable style tribes of this movement are Mori girls, Yama girls, Harajuku girls, Otakus, Lolitas and etc.

We’re certain that you’ll be taking cues from these unexpected yet relatable Japanese fashion statements.

Harajuku 2.0 2016

Just when you think the Harajuku style has way underground, here they come roaring back up the subculture sphere again. Designer Michiko Koshino in his recent Tokyo show titled “Harajuku Exit No. 5” showcased fashion for 2017SS that carried varied display of bomber jackets, minimalist black text, hooded coats, colorful layered inflatable dresses to give honor to the extremely iconic fashion decade of the 90s and 90s.

Sportswear and Performance Wear

Sportswear and performance wear seem to be taking long strides on the runway this season. Efficient and wearable fashion has become cool once again by creating rocking statement pieces such as bomber jackets that carry rioted embroidered statement slogans at the back and shocking colors on the sleeves. There’s also the lightweight anorak

Oji Girl Trend

oji-girl-trendThis trend may not be exactly new to people since its audacious debut in 2010 and return this year but it’s still gaining popularity as of today. Oji girls or ojikawa refers to a stylish/sleek and feminine silhouette characterized by wide-legged pants, suspenders, tweed and long oversized outerwear. Think of a British grandpa’s wardrobe or Sherlock Holmes donned in vintage neutral pieces— but dressed on a girl.

Finish an Ojikawa look by accessorizing with leather belts, patterned scarves, plaid hats, and round glasses.

French Toast Fashion

How can style be named after a beloved breakfast treat? Well, like that unpretentious, simple yet sweet and universally pleasing food, the French toast style movement shares the casual, effortless look (some would say ‘normcore’) that is equally satisfying to the eyes (as to the stomach).

Basic fashion mixed and matched with different silhouettes and textures that can be accented by platform sneakers, underwhelming denim and simply patterned tees could be your go-to ensemble when sporting this look.

Love thy own in Kanji Letters

Japanese fashion’s rapid Westernization has forced some fashion designers to look for inward inspiration thereby embracing once again the country’s written language – Kanji. The classic souvenir jacket, also known as the Japanese Sukajan has been all over the streets of Harajuku lately. Indie boutiques and other underground Japanese brands are pushing “Japanese-ness” to the market by displaying fashion with hiragana, kanji, and katakana.