Hottest Interior Designers in Los Angeles

It is not surprising that the A-listers that reside in Los Angeles need the help of professionals to outfit their homes. The following are considered to be the hottest interior designers in the Los Angeles district:

Jeff Andrews

Popular Los Angeles interior designer Jeff Andrews is known for having masterminded the décor of A-listers like Ryan Seacrest, Michael C. Hall, Kris and Bruce Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. It can be argued but as of right now, his retro regency inspirations are the most seen in the world right now thanks to the fact that he is on the retainer of the reality stars the Kardashians who broadcast their TV show to over 150 countries. His touch can also be seen in their family boutique Dash in West Hollywood on Melrose Avenue. The glamorous interiors of what you see on the set of the reality show and the home of their producer Ryan Seacrest can be attributed to his genius.

Atelier AM

The clients of one of the hottest interior designer duo of the Los Angeles district include Tom Cruise, Diane Keaton and Michael and Jane Eisner who are Hollywood powerhouses. The married pair include Alexandra and Michael Misczynski who are aptly tagged the decorating world’s discreet heroes. This two are known for being clean about their image and shy away from excessive public attention and this adds a certain allure to their reputation and makes them the most respected designers you’ve never heard of.  Their style of décor is simple but they make use of exquisite materials to transform otherwise plain designs into otherworldly concepts

Joan Behnke

Popular model Gisele Bundchen, football star Tom Brady and Ivan Reitman are amongst the clientele of this Los Angeles hot interior decorator. Contrary to her appearance of cool elegance, Joan Behnke certainly knows how to leave an impression with her neutral tones and burst of colors that add a modern texture yet cozy appearance to any room. Her style has been known to include Asian, Middle Eastern and American mixes.

Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush has done a lot of work for celebrities and production studios like Disney chairman Rich Ross, Hunger Games, Connie Britton and film producer Don Hahn. This trained architect does not dabble in only one style but is eclectic with his choice style focus from the regency area to the modern revivalist period, Bush knows how to tap into the adventurous side of his clients and blend it with his creativity to produce masterpieces.

Thomas Callaway

Clients of Thomas Callaway include Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth and Chris Silbermann. According to the words of Thomas Callaway, the interior design business is all about highlighting relationships and what better place to do that than in Hollywood where relationships are everything. The Callaway firm has been around since the year 1989 after he met Emilio Estevez on the set of Young Guns which eventually led to a his first contract in the Los Angeles area.