Top Interior Design Trends of 2017

The year 2016 has come and gone and with it, the trends for interior decoration used in that period have to give way to the new. Like in the years before, each New Year sees the interior decorators strive to bring out the beauty in properties by blending creativity with modern trends. The year 2017 is no different and as a result, we have the top interior design trends.

Layered Maximalism

The interior designers have taken a step back from the classic chill tones of simple lines to focus on pieces that showcase layered patterns like those now produced heavily by Zak + Fox. The more rich tassels and trims with louche are set to make a grand comeback this year according to the interior designers from New York. This style is going to be about a mix of different objects and cultures showcasing the patterns florals and motifs more.


Marble is another interior design element that is going to be put on the forefront in the year 2017 but here, it is going to be made of sterner stuff that can be deemed as almost indestructible so Terrazzo is the go to. Although certainly underestimated in beauty, this is one of many interior design features that are great for floors of lobbies, bathrooms, foyers and kitchens. It helps to give a clean and fresh look to the dimensions of the home yet still maintain a neutral textural balance that complements almost everything.

Muted Metal Finishes

Being subtle most times triumphs over in your face glitz and glamour which is the case for metallic this year. In 2017, metallic touches like matte glazes, detailed matte and oxidized metal are going to serve as accents to other objects so as to bring about feelings of warmness and sophistication. This bold move to neutral colored metals that are more primitive would add a touch of refinement to any surface. You can see this trend in all its glory in these luxury homes in Brentwood.

Forest Green

In the past, forest green designs were thought of as being too common as well as heavy on formality so the trend was taken out but now in this modern day atmosphere where everyone is about going green and recycling, this trend makes a comeback and serves as a welcome change to dull earthy tones.

This color is said to have been featured heavily in Europe over the past year and it moving to America means that the darkness still manages to look fresh which is better than the black and whites used before. It also helps add a sophisticated edge to most things.

Separate Kitchens Are In

The kitchen of any house serves as its central part but although it is one of the most used rooms of the house, having to host with a messy kitchen is not an idea most people appreciate hence, the new trend of separate kitchens. Here, the chefs can have their space to do what they want while other activities take place in the house.